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From seed to sale, in the heart of the Salinas Valley.

1800 Mothers Grown From Seed

1800 Mothers Grown From Seed

It all starts here with clean mothers. All mother plants are put through a screening process to ensure they are virus free, pest free, and robust before they are approved to go into production of clones. We cycle our mother stock after every third cut to eliminate any potential disease and to ensure we maintain the highest quality of clone we can produce.

Fresh Water From Our Well

Fresh Water From Our Well

Our fresh water comes from our own wells on property. Tested regularly by outside laboratories to ensure safety and cleanliness, our wells are over 870 ft deep and require no filtration system. Our water is so clean we could bottle and sell it… literally!

Custom Nutrient Blends

Custom Nutrient Blends

We blend all of our own nutrients in-house daily to ensure the perfect recipe for each varietal. We adjust each level of nutrient to accommodate the plants specific needs, allowing us to ensure each strain meets its full potential.

Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control

The most natural way to combat “bad” bugs that could harm our plants is by releasing “good” bugs to overpopulate them. Using natural biologicals combined with the application of organic sprays keeps our plants pest free. Our on-site team has 40+ years of experience in this game and are always working to perfect the timing to maximize our control.

We Use Neutral "Virgin" Soil

We Use Neutral "Virgin" Soil

We don’t purchase any soil with additives or fertilizers. We start with high grade neutral soil that we then custom blend in-house. No shortcuts here, we do as much in-house work as possible to ensure we meet RVF expectations.

Automation Helps Us Grow

Automation Helps Us Grow

With a monitoring solution from HortiMaX/Ridder, our team can ensure the perfect temperature and humidity. Automatic louvers, fans, blackout curtains and heaters help our greenhouses achieve a peak growing environment, 365 days a year.


Cannabis is a naturally grown plant that comes from this Earth, so it’s important to us to do our part to preserve our planet. Reducing our waste and carbon footprint is an essential consideration for all steps of our operation. 
Reduced Water
• Drip Irrigation
• Reclaimed Water
Reduced Energy
• Natural Sunlight
• UV Roofing
• Acrylite RoofCoat
Reduced Waste
• Recycle
• Reuse Soil
• Avoid Single Use of Pots


8 Steps. 16 weeks.

Even with our scale, we deliver fresh product every 14 days.

  • Mother Stock Selection

    It all starts here with clean crisp mothers.  All mothers are put through a screening process to ensure they are virus free, pest free and robust before they are approved to go into production of clones.  We cycle our mother stock after every third cut to eliminate any disease or lack of quality in each…Read More

  • Cloning

    The cloning process is one of the most difficult processes on the farm.  Keeping this area sanitized and controlled is a must for production.  The team can clone up to 10,000 cuts per day and will have then ready with roots for transplant within 2 weeks after cutting.  Cutting 25,000 to 35,000 clones every 2…Read More

  • Teens

    From the propagation room with healthy roots we then move our crop group into the vegetative stage of growth.  At this point we are establishing root structure and plant structure to fill our massive flowering canopies.  Building the best plant in this stage is crucial for optimal flower production.

  • Flowering

    This is where the magic happens.  After all the preparing of the plant and selecting generics we get to the stage of flower production.  8-9 weeks of shifting gears in watering schedules and environments to achieve the highest THC for the consumer.  Plants are inspected everyday, as are all controls and equipment.  All flowers are…Read More

  • Harvesting

    Our team works diligently to harvest every 14 days either a 40,000 sq. foot room or 70,000 sq. foot room in one single shift.  Our crew cuts each row of plants by hand, to then place in one of our two on-site dry rooms.

  • Drying

    We have state of the art dry rooms with complete controls to cure product to its correct terpene profile.  We slow dry our product and give it time to cure to its full potential.  This ensures that every flower packs the perfect taste and smooth smoke for the consumers palate.

  • Bucking

    Our main objective in this step is to separate our buds from the stem. This is one of the most time consuming tasks in the process and we buck roughly 300+ pounds of untrimmed product in one day.

  • Trimming

    Our trim line can output 100+ pounds of trimmed buds per day. Trimming an entire flowering room can take 2-3 weeks to finish. There are three grades of product coming out of our trim line: A Buds, Budlets and Trim.

Only Natural Light
Utilizing tried and true methods of agricultural science, we grow our flower naturally, using the power of the sun to fuel our plants.
Sustainability by Design
Greenhouse growing capitalizes on the Earth's natural resources. From our roofing, to water conservation, RVF delivers a product with a minimized carbon footprint.
Vertically Integrated
We control the entire process of our operation, from seed to sale. This allows us to produce the best product at the best prices for you.